Old Style with New Lines ~ By: Sean Gallagher

Only here you are always welcome, together with william hill existing customer promo code you have no equal! In the past the King Islanders used driftwood, walrus skins and lashing materials made with baleen or caribou sinew. Today these natural materials are rare and there are alternative supplies that make good substitutes. The craft is still built using the traditional design and the culture is preserved. Play at the best casino with us on free spins no deposit uk. Bonus for the first 100 people! A good substitute for the skin is a ballistic nylon that is water proofed with an aromatic poly urethane. The keel and the gunnels are made with a light weight red cedar that is naturally rot resistant because of the biological make-up of the cedar tree. The ribs are made with yellow cedar; this particular strain of cedar is lighter and stronger than the red cedar. Yellow cedar is the strongest wood for its weight. The lashing used is a very strong wax coated nylon poly string, also called fake sinew. The artificial skin is a benefit because it requires a lot less maintenance than using real walrus skin. The skin on a traditional skin boat would have to be changed every 1 to 3 years. The ballistic nylon skin only needs to be changed every 10 to 13 years. The skin used now is what makes the new kayaks last longer. Ballistic nylon is also used for making light weight air craft and bullet proof jackets. It has proved to be durable and reliable for me and also others. The new materials that I use to make this ancient craft prove to be effective because it creates the same structure and keeps the culture alive. This is accomplished by making old crafts with a new angle and using the materials of our time. For details and payments call me or email me

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